♫ ♪♫ ♪•♫♪ 2006'dan bu yana Film, Dizi, Müzik ve Kitaplar üzerine Yazılar Diyarı... ♫ ♪♫ ♪ ♫ ♪♫

Dizi Ajandası : 18 / 24 Ağustos

Beş sezon finali, bir yeni dizi ve bir yeni sezon başlangıcına sahne olacak haftanın olayı, yedi sezonluk macerasını “Thank You” ile sona erdirecek “True Blood”… “Switched at Birth”, “Rectify”, “The Honourable Woman” ve “The Last Ship” de sezon finali yaparken, “Dallas” üçüncü sezonuna kaldığı yerden geri dönüyor… Haftanın yenisi “Intruders” olruken, merakla beklenen “Doctor Who” da yeni sezonuna başlayacak…

Anger Management 2x67  2x68  C. and the Psychic Therapist / C. Gets Between Sean and Jordan
Dallas  3x9  Denial, Anger, Acceptance
Mistresses (US)  2x11  Choices
Partners  1x5  1x6  Jurist Prudence / Paralegal Activity  
Switched at Birth  3x21  And Life Begins Right Away  [Sezon Finali]
Teen Wolf  4x9  Perishable
The Fosters  2x10  Someone's Little Sister
The Listener  5x13  In Our Midst  [Sezon Finali]
Under The Dome  2x8  Awakening

Covert Affairs  5x9  Spit on a Stranger
Finding Carter  1x8  Half Baked
Matador  1x6  Misanthropology
Perception  3x10  Dirty
Please Like Me  2x2  Ham
Pretty Little Liars  5x11  No One Here Can Love or Understand Me
Rizzoli & Isles  5x10  Phoenix Rising
Royal Pains  6x11  Hankmed on the Half Shell
Sullivan & Son  3x10  The Monkey Plate
Tyrant  1x9  Gaslight

Extant  1x7  More in Heaven and Earth
Franklin And Bash  4x2  Kershaw vs. Lincecum
Graceland  2x10  The Head of the Pig
Hot In Cleveland  5x21  Win Win
Legends  1x2  Chemistry
Mystery Girls  1x9  Bag Ladies
Suits  4x10  This is Rome
Taxi Brooklyn 1x9  Double Identity
The Bridge (US)  2x7  Lamia
The Divide  1x7  I Can't Go Back
Young & Hungry  1x9  Young & Getting Played

Cuckoo  2x3  Tribunal
Defiance  2x10  2x11  Bottom of the World / Doll Parts
Garfunkel & Oates  1x3  Speechless
Married  1x6  Invisible Man
Rectify  2x10  Unhinged  [Sezon Finali]
Rush  1x6  You Spin Me Round
Satisfaction  1x6  ... Through Exposure
The Honourable Woman  1x8  The Paring Knife  [Sezon Finali]
Welcome To Sweden  1x7
You're the Worst  1x6  PTSD

Black Jesus  1x3  The Manure Heist
Doctor Who  8x1  Deep Breath  [Yeni Sezon]
The Knick  1x3  The Busy Flea

Cedar Cove  2x6  Starting Over: Part Two
Hell on Wheels  4x4  Reckoning
Intruders  1x1  She Was Provisional  [Yeni Dizi]
Outlander  1x3  The Way Out
The Village  2x2 

Falling Skies  4x10  Drawing Straws
Manhattan  1x5  A New Approach to Quantum Cosmology
Masters of Sex  2x7  Asterion
Ray Donovan  2x7  Walk This Way
Reckless  1x8  When the Smoke Clears
The Last Ship  1x10  No Place Like Home  [Sezon Finali]
The Leftovers  1x9  The Garveys at Their Best
The Lottery  1x6  Sleep Deprived
The Strain  1x7  For Services Rendered
True Blood  7x10  Thank You  [Final]
Unforgettable  3x9  Fire and Ice
Witches of East End  2x7  Art of Darkness

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