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Dizi Ajandası : 11 / 17 Kasım

İki yeni dizi, bir yeni sezon açılışı ve iki final barındıran haftada tüm diziler yerli yerinde... Noel arasından önce kilit sahnelerle verilecek sezon arasına doğru girildiğini de hatırlatalım... “Raising Hope”un yeni sezonuna başlayacak olması ve merakla beklenen “Almost Human”ın ilk bölümle başlayacak olmasıysa haftanın öne çıkanları...

2 Broke Girls  3x8  And the 'It' Hole
Beauty and the Beast  2x6  Father Knows Best
Bones  9x8  The Dude in the Dam
Call Me Fitz  4x6  O-Rigins
Castle  6x8  A Murder Is Forever
Fresh Meat 3x2
Hart Of Dixie  3x6  Family Tradition
Hostages  1x8  The Good Reason
How I Met Your Mother  9x9  Platonish
Mike & Molly  4x2  The First and Last Ride-Along
Mom  1x8  Big Sur and Strawberry Lube
Ripper Street  2x3  Become Man
Sleepy Hollow  1x7  The Midnight Ride
The Blacklist  1x8  General Ludd

Awkward  3x14  The Bad Seed
Brickleberry  2x11  Trip to Mars
Brooklyn Nine-Nine  1x8  Sal's Pizza
Chicago Fire  2x6  Joyriding
Dads  1x8  Doubles Trouble
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  1x7  The Hub
NCIS  11x8  Alibi
NCIS: Los Angeles  5x8  Fallout
New Girl  3x8  Menus
Person of Interest  3x8  Endgame
Ravenswood  1x4  The Devil Has a Face
Sons of Anarchy  6x10  Huang Wu
Supernatural  9x6  Heaven Can't Wait
The Goldbergs  1x8  The Kremps
The Mindy Project  2x8 You've Got Sext
The Originals  1x7  Bloodletting
Trophy Wife  1x8  Lice and Beary White

American Horror Story  3x6  The Axeman Cometh
Arrow  2x6  Keep Your Enemies Closer
Back In The Game  1x7  Safety Squeeze
Criminal Minds  9x8  The Return
CSI  14x8  Helpless
Law & Order: SVU  15x8  Military Justice
Misfits  5x4
Modern Family  5x7  A Fair to Remember
Nashville  2x7  She's Got You
Republic of Doyle  5x6  Missing
Revolution  2x8 Come Blow Your Horn
South Park  17x7
Super Fun Night  1x6  The Love Lioness
The League  5x11  The Credit Card Alert
The Middle  5x6  The Middle
The Tomorrow People  1x6  Sorry For Your Loss
The Tunnel  1x5

Anger Management  2x42  Charlie and the Pajama Intervention
Covert Affairs  4x15  There Goes My Gun
Elementary  2x8  Blood is Thicker
Glee  5x5  The End of Twerk
Greys Anatomy  10x9  Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
Ground Floor  1x1  1x2  Pilot / Off to the Races  [Yeni Dizi]
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland  1x5  Heart of Stone
Parenthood  5x8  The Ring
Parks and Recreation  6x6  6x7  Filibuster / Recall Vote
Played  1x7  Cars
Reign  1x5  A Chill in the Air
Scandal  3x7  Everything's Coming up Mellie
Sean Saves The World  1x7  The Good, the Bad and the Sean
The Big Bang Theory  7x8 The Itchy Brain Simulation
The Crazy Ones  1x8  The Stan Wood Account
The Michael J. Fox  1x9   Homecoming
The Millers  1x7  The Talk
The Vampire Diaries  5x7  Death and the Maiden
Two and a Half Men  11x7  Some Kind of Lesbian Zombie
White Collar  5x5  Master Plan

Bones 9x8  The Dude in the Dam
Blue Bloods  4x8  Justice is Served
Dracula  1x4  From Darkness to Light
Grimm  3x4  One Night Stand
Haven  4x10  Shot in the Dark
Hawaii Five-0  4x8  Akanahe (Reluctant Partner)
Last Man Standing  3x8  Vanessa Fixes Kyle
Raising Hope  4x1  4x2  Déja Vu Man / Burt Bucks  [Yeni Sezon]
The Carrie Diaries   2x4  Borderline
The Neighbors  2x8  Good Debbie Hunting

Almost Human  1x1  Pilot  [Yeni Dizi]
American Dad!  9x5  Kung Pao Turkey
Atlantis  1x8  The Furies
Betrayal  1x8  ...One More Shot
Boardwalk Empire  4x11  Havre De Grace
Eastbound and Down  4x8  [Dizi Finali]
Family Guy  12x5  Boopa-dee Bappa-dee
Hello Ladies  1x8   The Drive  [Sezon Finali]
Homeland  3x8  A Red Wheelbarrow
Lost Girl  4x2  Sleeping Beauty School
Masters of Sex  1x8   Love And Marriage
Once Upon a Time  3x8  Think Lovely Thoughts
Revenge  3x8  Secrecy
The Good Wife  5x8  ICE, ICE, Baby
The Mentalist  6x8  Red John
The Paradise  2x5
The Simpsons  25x5  Labor Pains
The Walking Dead  4x6  Live Bait
Witches of East End  1x7  Unburied

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