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Dizi Ajandası : 17 / 23 Mart

Beş sezon finali, iki yeni sezon başlangıcı ve bir de yeni diziyle renklenen hafta yine bol seçenek sunuyor... “Girls” ve “Mr. Selfridge”in sezon finallerinin yanı sıra “Da Vinci’s Demons”un yeni sezonuna başlaması merakla bekleniyor... Haftanın tek yenisiyse CW’nin “The 100”ü...

2 Broke Girls  3x19  And the Kilt Trip
Archer  5x8  Archer Vice: The Rules of Extraction
Bates Motel  2x3  Caleb
Being Human U.S.  4x10  Oh Don't You Die For Me
Bones  9x17  The Repo Man in the Septic Tank
Castle  6x18  The Way of the Ninja
Dallas  3x4  Lifting the Veil
How I Met Your Mother  9x21  Gary Blauman
Intelligence  1x11  The Grey Hat
Mike & Molly  4x15  Three Girls and an Urn
Mom  1x19  Toilet Wine and the Earl of Sandwich
Moone Boy  2x5  Stags And Hens
My Mad Fat Diary  2x5  Inappropriate Adult
Remedy  1x4  Shift/Change
Silk  3x4  
Star-Crossed  1x5  Dreamers Often Lie
Switched at Birth  3x10  The Ambush
Teen Wolf  3x23  Insatiable
The Blacklist  1x16  Mako Tanida
The Following  2x9  Unmasked
The Fosters  1x20  Metropolis

About A Boy  1x4  About a Girl
Brooklyn Nine-Nine  1x21  Unsolvable
Chicago Fire  2x17  When Things Got Rough
Cougar Town  5x11  Refugee
From Dusk Till Dawn  1x2  Blood Runs Thick
Glee  5x12  100
Growing Up Fisher  1x4  Trust Fall
Justified  5x10  Weight
Mind Games  1x4  Apophenia
NCIS  11x17  Rock and a Hard Place
NCIS: Los Angeles  5x17  Between the Lines
Perception  2x14  Obsession  [Sezon Finali]
Person of Interest  3x17  /
Pretty Little Liars  4x24  A is for Answers  [Sezon Finali]
Rizzoli & Isles  4x16  You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone  [Sezon Finali]
Supernatural  9x16  Blade Runners
The Goldbergs  1x18  For Your Own Good
The Originals  1x17  Moon Over Bourbon Street
Trophy Wife  1x17  The Wedding (2)
Twisted  1x17  You're a Good Man Charlie McBride

Arrow  2x16  Suicide Squad
Baby Daddy  3x9  Go Brit or Go Home
Broad City  1x9  Apartment Hunters
Chicago PD  1x9  A Material Witness
Criminal Minds  9x19  The Edge of Winter
CSI  14x18  Uninvited
Law & Order: SVU  15x18  Criminal Stories
Legit  2x4  Reunion
Melissa & Joey  3x25  My Roof, My Rules
Mixology  1x4  Cal & Kacey
Psych  8x9  A Nightmare On State Street
Revolution  2x17  Why We Fight
The 100  1x1  Pilot  [Yeni Dizi]
The Americans  2x4  A Little Night Music
Workaholics  4x9  Best Buds

Anger Management  2x53  Charlie and His Probation Officer's Daughter
Bluestone 42  2x4
Community  5x10  Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Greys Anatomy  10x16  We Gotta Get Out of This Place
Motive  2x3  Overboard
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland  1x11  Heart of the Matter
Parenthood  5x18  The Offer
Parks and Recreation  6x17  Galentine's Day
Portlandia  4x4  Pull-Out King
Reign  1x15  The Darkness
Saint George  1x3  Why Can't We Be Friends?
Scandal  3x14  Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Sirens (US)  1x4  Famous Last Words
Suits  3x13  Moot Point 
The Red Road  1x4  The Bad Weapons
The Smoke  1x5
The Vampire Diaries  5x16  While You Were Sleeping
Vikings  2x4  Eye for an Eye

Grimm  3x16  The Show Must Go On
Hannibal  2x4  Takiawase
Hart Of Dixie  3x14  Here You Come Again
Helix  1x12  The Reaping
Raising Hope  4x19  Para-Natesville Activity
Rake U.S.  1x9  Hey, Good Looking
The Neighbors  2x19  Uncle Benjamin

American Dad!  9x13  I Ain't No Holodeck Boy
Believe  1x3  Origin
Bitten  1x11  Settling
Bob's Burgers  4x14  Friends with Burger-fits
Continuum  3x2  Minute Man
Crisis  1x2  If You Are Watching This I Am Dead
Da Vinci's Demons  2x1  The Blood of Man  [Yeni Sezon]
Drop Dead Diva  6x1  6x1  Truth & Consequences / Soulmates  [Yeni Sezon]
Family Guy  12x14  Fresh Heir
Girls  3x12  Two Plane Rides  [Sezon Finali]
House of Lies  3x10  Comeuppance
Mr. Selfridge  2x10  [Sezon Finali]
Once Upon a Time  3x14  The Tower
Resurrection  1x3  Two Rivers
Revenge  3x16  Disgrace
Shameless (US)  4x10  Liver, I Hardly Know Her
The Good Wife  5x15  Dramatics, Your Honor
The Mentalist  6x15  White as the Driven Snow
The Musketeers  1x9  
The Simpsons  25x15  The War of Art
The Walking Dead  4x15  Us

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