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Dizi Ajandası : 2 / 8 Aralık

Bir yeni dizinin başlayacağı, bir dizinin de sezon finali yapacağı haftada, gözler merakla beklenen iki bölümlük özel yayınla ekran macerasına başlayacak “Moby City”nin üzerinde... Lifetime’ın pembe dizi kıvamındaki cadı kadınlar macerası “Witches of East End” ise ikinci sezon onayını almanın verdiği rahatlıkla sezon finali yapacak... Gelecek hafta yaşanacak dokuz sezon finali’nden bir önceki bölümlerin yaşatacağı heyecansa haftanın bonusu...

2 Broke Girls  3x11  And The Life After Death
Almost Human  1x4  The Bends
Call Me Fitz  4x9  A Very Special Fitzmas (1)
Fresh Meat 3x5
Hostages  1x11  Off The Record
How I Met Your Mother  9x12  Rehearsal Dinner
Major Crimes  2x13  Jailbait
Mike & Molly  4x5  Poker in the Front, Looker in the Back
Mom  1x11  Cotton Candy and Blended Fish
Ripper Street  2x6  A Stronger Loving World
The Blacklist  1x10  Anslo Garrick (2)

Awkward  3x18  Old Jenna
Brooklyn Nine-Nine  1x11  Christmas
Chicago Fire  2x9  You Will Hurt Him
Dads  1x11  The Glitch That Stole Christmas
Sons of Anarchy  6x12  You Are My Sunshine
Supernatural  9x9  Holy Terror
The Goldbergs  1x10  Shopping
The Mindy Project  2x11  Christmas Party Sex Trap
The Originals  1x9  The Originals
Trophy Wife  1x9  Russ Bradley Morrison

American Horror Story  3x8  The Sacred Taking
Arrow  2x8  The Scientist
Back In The Game  1x9  Massive Election
Misfits  5x7
Mob City  1x1  1x2  A Guy Walks Into A Bar  /  Reason to Kill a Man  [Yeni Dizi]
Modern Family  5x9  The Big Game
Nashville  2x9  I'm Tired of Pretending
Republic of Doyle  5x9  Major Crimes
South Park  17x9
Super Fun Night  1x8  Pilot
The Middle  5x8  The Kiss
The Tomorrow People  1x8  Thanatos
The Tunnel  1x8

A Young Doctor's Notebook  2x3
Anger Management  2x44  Charlie Does It for Science
Elementary  2x10  Tremors
Glee  5x8  Previously Unaired Christmas
Greys Anatomy  10x11  Man on the Moon
Ground Floor  1x4  The Gift
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland  1x7  Bad Blood
Played  1x10  Secrets
Reign  1x7  Left Behind
Scandal  3x9  YOLO
The Big Bang Theory  7x10  The Discovery Dissipation
The Crazy Ones  1x10  Models Love Magic
The Millers  1x9  You're in Trouble
The Vampire Diaries  5x9  The Cell
Two and a Half Men  11x9  Numero Uno Accidente Lawyer
White Collar  5x7  Quantico Closure

Bones  9x11  The Spark in the Park
Dracula  1x6  Of Monsters and Men
Grimm  3x6  Stories We Tell Our Young
Haven  4x12  When the Bough Breaks
Last Man Standing  3x10  Spanking
Nikita  4x3  Set-Up
Raising Hope  4x7 / 4x8  Murder, She Hoped / DysfunctionFunction
The Carrie Diaries   2x6  The Safety Dance
The Neighbors  2x10  Supreme Like Me

American Dad!  9x7  Faking Bad
Atlantis  1x10  The Price of Hope
Betrayal  1x9  This road isn't even on the map?
Bob's Burgers  4x7  Bob & Deliver
Family Guy  12x7  Into Harmony's Way
Getting On U.S  1x3   Make Someone Happy
Homeland  3x11  Big Man in Tehran
Lost Girl  4x5  Let the Dark Times Roll
Masters of Sex  1x11  Phallic Victories
Once Upon a Time  3x10  The New Neverland
Revenge  3x9  Surrender
The Mentalist  6x10  Green Thumb
The Paradise  2x7
The Simpsons  25x7  Yellow Subterfuge
Treme  4x2  This City
Unforgettable  2x9  East of Islip
Witches of East End  1x10  Oh, What a World!  [Sezon Finali]

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