♫ ♪♫ ♪•♫♪ 2006'dan bu yana Film, Dizi, Müzik ve Kitaplar üzerine Yazılar Diyarı... ♫ ♪♫ ♪ ♫ ♪♫

Dizi Ajandası : 8 / 14 Nisan

Dokuz sezon finali, üç yeni sezon açılışı ve bir yeni diziyle bu hafta da dopdolu bir takvim sunuyor tv izleyicisine... “Spartacus”ün sezon finali ile merakla beklenen “Da Vinci's Demons”un başlayacak olması, haftanın olayı... 

Bates Motel  1x4  Trust Me
Being Human (US)  3x13  Ruh Roh  [Sezon Finali]
Bluestone 42  1x6
Bomb Girls  2x9  Something Fierce
Dallas  2x12  2x13 A Call to Arms / Love & Family
Monday Mornings  1x10  Family Ties  [Sezon Finali]
Revolution  1x13  The Song Remains the Same
Seed  1x10  Womb Mates
Shameless (UK)  11x7
The Carrie Diaries  1x13  Kiss Yesterday Goodbye  [Sezon Finali]
The Following  1x12  The Curse
The Secret Life of the American Teenager  5x16  Shiny and New
Top of the Lake  1x5  

Body of Proof  3x8  Doubting Tommy
Cougar Town  4x14  4x15  Don't Fade on Me  /  Have Love Will Travel  [Sezon Finali]
Cracked  1x12  Old Soldiers
Golden Boy  1x8  Scapegoat
Hart Of Dixie  2x18  Why Don't We Get Drunk?
NCIS  10x20  Chasing Ghosts
NCIS: Los Angeles  4x20  Purity
New Girl  2x22  Bachelorette Party
The Mindy Project  1x21  Santa Fe

Criminal Minds  8x19  Pay It Forward
CSI  13x19  Backfire
How To Live With Your Parents  1x2  How to Get off the Couch
Modern Family  4x20  Flip Flop
Nashville  1x17  My Heart Would Know
Psych  7x7  Deez Nups
Rogue  1x3  Cathy's Song
Southland  5x9  Chaos
Suburgatory  2x20  Go, Gamblers!
The Americans  1x10  Only You
The Middle  4x20  Dollar Days

Anger Management  2x12  Charlie Gets Lindsay Lohan in Trouble
Archer  4x13  Sea Tunt (2)    [Sezon Finali]
Community  4x9  Intro To Felt Surrogacy
Glee  4x18  Shooting Star
Go On  1x22  Urn-Ed Run    [Sezon Finali]
Hannibal  1x2  Amuse-Bouche
Legit  1x13  Fatherhood    [Sezon Finali]
Men at Work  2x2  Will Work for Milo
Motive  1x10  Fallen Angel
Parks and Recreation  5x18  Animal Control
The Office (US)  9x19  Stairmageddon

Blue Bloods  3x20  Ends and Means
Cult  1x8  The Devil You Know
Da Vinci's Demons  1x1  The Hanged Man  [Yeni Dizi]
Doctor Who  7x8  Cold War
Happy Endings  3x18  3x19  She Got Game Night  /  The Storm Before the Calm
Nikita  3x17  Masks
Spartacus  3x10  Victory    [Sezon Finali]
Vegas  1x17  Hollywood Ending

Orphan Black  1x3  Variation Under Nature
Smash  2x11  The Invited Dress
The Cleveland Show  4x17  Who Done Did It?

American Dad!  8x15  The Missing Kink
Bob's Burgers  3x19  Family Fracas
Broadchurch  1x7  
Family Guy  11x17  Bigfat
Game of Thrones  3x3  Walk of Punishment
Lost Girl  3x13  Those Who Wander  [Sezon Finali]
Mad Men  6x3  The Collaborators
Nurse Jackie  5x1  Happy F**king Birthday  [Yeni Sezon]
Republic of Doyle  4x11  The Devil Inside
The Borgias  3x1  The Face of Death  [Yeni Sezon]
The Client List  2x6  Unanswered Prayers
The Good Wife  4x20  Sex Dolls and Videotape
The Mentalist  5x19  Red Letter Day
The Simpsons  24x17  What Animated Women Want
Veep  2x1  Midterms  [Yeni Sezon]
Vikings  1x7  A King's Ransom

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