♫ ♪♫ ♪•♫♪ 2006'dan bu yana Film, Dizi, Müzik ve Kitaplar üzerine Yazılar Diyarı... ♫ ♪♫ ♪ ♫ ♪♫

Dizi Ajandası : 25 Kasım / 1 Aralık

Bir sezon finali ve bir yeni sezon açılışıyla şenlenen hafta, çarşamba ve perşembe akşamları az dizi içeriyor... “Major Crimes”ın sezon molasından dönüşü, “Brickleberry”nin sezon finali ve “Treme”nin yeni sezona başlayacak olmasıysa haftanın öne çıkanları...

2 Broke Girls  3x10  And the First Day of School
Almost Human  1x3  Are You Receiving?
Beauty and the Beast  2x8  Man or Beast?
Call Me Fitz  4x8  Brotherly Love
Castle  6x10  The Good, The Bad & The Baby
Cracked  2x8  Voices
Fresh Meat 3x4
Hart Of Dixie  3x8  Miracles
Hostages  1x10  Burden Of Truth
How I Met Your Mother  9x11  Bedtime Stories
Major Crimes  2x12  Pick Your Poison
Mike & Molly  4x4  Careful What You Dig For
Mom  1x10  Belgian Waffles and Bathroom Privileges
Ripper Street  2x5  Threads of Silk and Gold
Sleepy Hollow  1x9  Sanctuary
The Blacklist  1x9  Anslo Garrick (1)

Awkward  3x17  The Campaign Fail
Brickleberry  2x13  A-Park-a-Lypse  [Sezon Finali]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine  1x10  Thanksgiving
Chicago Fire  2x8  Rhymes with Shout
Dads  1x10  Dad Abuse
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  1x9  Repairs
NCIS: Los Angeles  5x10  The Frozen Lake
New Girl  3x10  Thanksgiving III
Person of Interest  3x10  The Devil's Share
Supernatural  9x8  Rock and a Hard Place
The Mindy Project  2x10  Wedding Crushers
The Originals  1x8  The River In Reverse

A Young Doctor's Notebook  2x2
American Horror Story  3x8  The Sacred Taking
Criminal Minds  9x10  The Caller
CSI  14x10  Girls Gone Wild
Misfits  5x6
Republic of Doyle  5x8  Young Guns
The Tunnel  1x7

Glee  5x7  Puppet Master

Dracula  1x5  The Devil's Waltz
Grimm  3x5  El Cucuy
Nikita  4x2  Dead Or Alive
Raising Hope  4x5 / 4x6  Extreme Howdy's Makeover / Adoption
The Carrie Diaries   2x5  Too Close for Comfort
The Neighbors  2x9  Thanksgiving is No Schmuck Bait

American Dad!  9x6  Independent Movie
Atlantis  1x9  Pandora's Box
Bob's Burgers  4x6  Purple Rain-Union
Getting On U.S  1x2   If You're Going To San Francisco
Homeland  3x10  Good Night
Lost Girl  4x4  Turn to Stone
Masters of Sex  1x10  Fallout
Once Upon a Time  3x9  Save Henry
The Good Wife  5x10  The Decision Tree
The Mentalist  6x9  My Blue Heaven
The Paradise  2x7
The Walking Dead  4x8  Too Far Gone
Treme  4x1  Yes We Can Can  [Yeni Sezon]
Unforgettable  2x8  Manhunt
Witches of East End  1x9  A Parching Imbued

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