♫ ♪♫ ♪•♫♪ 2006'dan bu yana Film, Dizi, Müzik ve Kitaplar üzerine Yazılar Diyarı... ♫ ♪♫ ♪ ♫ ♪♫

Dizi Ajandası : 18 / 24 Şubat

Dizi tutkunlarını bolca seçeneğin olduğu bir hafta bekliyor yine... Sezon finalleri, yeni sezon prömiyerleri neredeyse hergün mevcut.

“Utopia”nın sezon finali yapmasıyla açılan haftayı, “Body of Proof”un yeni sezona başladığı, “Cult”un kendi saatinde yapacağı başlangıç ve “Primeval: New World”un sezon finaliyle geçecek salı akşamı şenlendiriyor. Çarşamba akşamı “Necessary Roughness”in sezon finali, perşembe akşamı “Suits”in sezon finali yaparken, haftanın son iki günü İngiliz dizilerinin sezon finallerine sahne olacak: “Ripper Street” ve “Black Mirror”... 

2 Broke Girls  2x17  And the Broken Hip
90210  5x14  Brother From Another Mother
Being Human (US)  3x6  What's Blood Got to Do With It?
Bones  8x16  The Friend in Need
Bunheads  1x17  It's Not a Mint
Castle  5x15  Target
Dallas  2x5  Trial and Error
Death In Paradise  2x7  
Deception  1x7  Tell Me
Hawaii Five-0  3x17  Pa'ani
How I Met Your Mother  8x17  The Ashtray
Mike & Molly  3x15  Mike the Tease
Monday Mornings  1x3  Who's Sorry Now?
Rules of Engagement  7x3  Cats & Dogs
Seed  1x3  The Rhythmic Gymnastic Method
Switched at Birth  2x7  Drive in the Knife
The Carrie Diaries  1x6  Endgame
The Following  1x5  The Siege
Utopia  1x6  [Sezon Finali]

Body of Proof  3x1  Abducted - Part 1  [Yeni Sezon]
Cougar Town  4x7  Flirting with Time
Cracked  1x7  Rocket Man
Cult  1x1  You're Next  [Yeni Dizi]
Derek  1x4
Go On  1x16  Go Deep
Hart Of Dixie  2x15  The Gambler
Justified  4x7  Money Trap
NCIS  10x15  Hereafter
NCIS: Los Angeles  4x15  History
New Girl  2x17  Parking Spot
Pretty Little Liars  3x20  Hot Water
Primeval: New World  1x13  The Sound of Thunder (2)  [Sezon Finali]
Raising Hope  3x18  Arbor Daze
Smash  2x3  The Dramaturg
The Lying Game  2x7  Regrets Only
The Mindy Project  1x15  Mindy's Minute
The New Normal  1x16  Dog Children
Vegas  1x15  Two of a Kind
White Collar  4x14  Shoot The Moon

Arrow  1x15  Dodger
Chicago Fire  1x16  Viral
Criminal Minds  8x15  Broken
CSI  13x15  Forget Me Not
Guys With Kids  1x16  Rare Breed
Law & Order: SVU  14x15  Deadly Ambition
Modern Family  4x16  Bad Hair Day
Necessary Roughness  2x16  There's the Door  [Sezon Finali]
Southland  5x2  Heat
Suburgatory  2x14  T-Ball & Sympathy
Supernatural  8x15  Man's Best Friend With Benefits
The Americans  1x4  In Control
The Middle  4x16  Winners and Losers
The Neighbors  1x17  Larry Bird Presents an Oscar®-Winning  
Whitney  2x10  Breaking Dad
Workaholics  3x16  High Art

Anger Management  2x7  Charlie Dates a Teacher
Archer  4x6  Once Bitten
Beauty and the Beast  1x14  Tough Love
Community  4x3  Cooperative Escapism in Familial
Elementary  1x17  Possibility Two
Greys Anatomy  9x16  This is Why We Fight
Legit  1x6  Family
Parks and Recreation  5x14 5x15  Leslie and Ben / Correspondents' Lunch
Person of Interest  2x16  Relevance
Scandal  2x15  Boom Goes the Dynamite
Suits  2x16  War  [Sezon Finali]
The Big Bang Theory  6x17  The Monster Isolation
The Office (US)  9x17  The Farm
The Vampire Diaries  4x15  Stand by Me
Two and a Half Men  10x17  Throgwarten Middle School Mysteries
Zero Hour  1x2  Face

Banshee  1x7  Behold a Pale Rider
Blue Bloods  3x16  Quid Pro Quo
CSI: New York  9x17  Today is Life
Last Man Standing  2x14  Buffalo Bill Day
Malibu Country  1x14  Bowling for Mama
Nikita  3x11  Black Badge
Portlandia  3x10  No-Fo-O-Fo-Bridge
Spartacus  3x4  Decimation
Touch  2x4  Perfect Storm

Being Human (UK)  5x4  The Greater Good
Call The Midwife  2x6
Mr. Selfridge  1x8  
Ripper Street  1x8  What Use Our Work  [Sezon Finali]

Black Mirror  2x3  White Bear  [Sezon Finali]
Californication  6x6  In the Clouds
Enlightened  2x7  No Doubt
Girls  2x7  Video Games
House of Lies  2x6  Family Values
Lost Girl  3x7  There’s Bo Place Like Home
Republic of Doyle  4x7  In Brigus
Shameless (US)  3x6  Cascading Failures
The Walking Dead  3x11  I Ain’t A Judas

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