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Dizi Ajandası : 18 / 24 Mart

Kış sezonu dizilerinin birer birer sezon finallerini yaptığı günlere yaklaştığımız hafta, dört finali beraberinde getiriyor.

Merakla beklediğimiz “Bates Motel”in prömiyeriyle başlayacak hafta, salı akşamı “Pretty Little Liars”ın, çarşamba akşamı “Workaholics”in, cuma akşamı da “Last Man Standing” ve “Malibu Country”nin sezon finallerine sahne olacak. 

2 Broke Girls  2x19  And The Temporary Distraction
Bates Motel  1x1  First You Dream, Then You Die  [Yeni Dizi]
Being Human (US)  3x10  For Those About to Rot
Bones  8x19  The Doom in the Gloom
Castle  5x17  Scared To Death
Dallas  2x9  Ewings Unite!
Deception  1x11  I'll Start with the Hillbilly
Hawaii Five-0  3x18  Na Ki'i
How I Met Your Mother  8x19  The Fortress
Mike & Molly  3x17  St. Patrick's Day
Monday Mornings  1x7  One Fine Day
Rules of Engagement  7x7  Role Play
Seed  1x7  Fetal Attraction
Shameless (UK)  11x4
The Carrie Diaries  1x10  The Long and Winding Road Not Taken
The Following  1x9  Love Hurts
The Secret Life of the American Teenager  5x13  To Each Her Own

Body of Proof  3x5  Eye for an Eye
Cougar Town  4x11  Saving Grace
Cracked  1x9  Cherry Blossoms
Go On  1x19  Go For The Gold Watch
Golden Boy  1x5  Vicious Cycle
Justified  4x11  Decoy
NCIS  10x18  Seek
NCIS: Los Angeles  4x18  Red, Part 1
New Girl  2x19  Guy's Night
Pretty Little Liars  3x24  A Dangerous GAme  [Sezon Finali]
Smash  2x7  Musical Chairs
The Mindy Project  1x17  Mindy's Birthday
The New Normal  1x19  Blood, Sweat and Fears

Arrow  1x17  The Huntress Returns
Chicago Fire  1x18  Fireworks
Criminal Minds  8x17  The Gathering
CSI  13x17  Dead of the Class
Law & Order: SVU  14x17  Undercover Blue
Prisoners Wives  2x2  
Psych  7x4  No Country for Two Old Men
Southland  5x6  Bleed Out
Suburgatory  2x17  Eat, Pray, Eat
Supernatural  8x17  Goodbye Stranger
The Americans  1x8  Mutually Assured Destruction
The Neighbors  1x21  Mo Purses Mo Money Mo Problems
Whitney  2x14  Crazy, Stupid, Words
Workaholics  3x20  [Sezon Finali]

1600 Penn  1x10  1x11 The Short Happy Life of Reba Cadbury / Dinner, Bath, Puzzle
Archer  4x10  Un Chien Tangerine
Beauty and the Beast  1x16  Insatiable
Community  4x7  Economics of Marine Biology
Glee  4x17  Guilty Pleasures
Greys Anatomy  9x18  Idle Hands
Legit  1x10  Cuckoo's Nest
Motive  1x7  Out of the Past
Scandal  2x16  Top of the Hour
The Vampire Diaries  4x17  Because of the Night

Cult  1x5  The Kiss
Grimm  2x15  Mr. Sandman
Last Man Standing  2x18  College Girl  [Sezon Finali]
Malibu Country  1x18  All You Single Ladies  [Sezon Finali]
Spartacus  3x8  Seperate Paths
Touch  2x8  Reunions

American Dad!  8x14  Spelling Bee My Baby
Army Wives  7x3  Blowback
Bob's Burgers  3x18  It Snakes a Village
Californication  6x10  Blind Faith
Family Guy  11x16  12 and a Half Angry Men
House of Lies  2x10  All In
In The Flesh  1x2  
Lost Girl  3x10  Delinquents
Once Upon a Time  2x18  Selfless, Brave and True
Red Widow  1x5  The Recorder
Republic of Doyle  4x8  Multitasking
Revenge  2x17  Victory
Shameless (US)  3x10  Civil Wrongs
The Client List  2x3  Cowboy Up
The Good Wife  4x18  Death of a Client
The Mentalist  5x18  Behind the Red Curtain
The Walking Dead  3x15  This Sorrowful Life
Vikings  1x4  Trial

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